hinterher: High-Quality Bicycle Trailers for Cargo Transportation

hinterher - a sophisticated bicycle trailer. Design and utility in one.


Our brand comes from the German word "hinterher" which means nothing else than to pull something behind you. You'll find the same trailer concept also on our German site hinterher.com.







A hinterher trailer can transport your cargo three ways: As a bicycle trailer, as a hand cart and as a trolley. Just a few clicks and your hinterher changes its function. What’s more, the trailer folds away in seconds, so it won’t take up precious space in narrow corridors and staircases.




Our trailers are made to withstand heavy loads and are manufactured to the highest standards, right here in Munich. At hinterher, we are continually working to fine-tune our design to ensure maximum stability and durability of the trailer. All parts are designed and constructed precisely for maximum loading. Made of 4 mm aluminium, the chassis is lightweight yet extremely robust at the same time.








The hinterher bike trailer is a regional product, ensuring an environmentally-friendly and high-quality product. Almost all parts are manufactured locally and the trailer is assembled in the heart of Munich.








A bicycle trailer should not only be practical, it should also look good too. The hinterher design is timeless and combines colourfulness with sleek form. Wherever it goes, it draws a host of admiring glances - you won’t want to uncouple it again!







Transportation of Heavy Duty Cargo - no problem with Hmax and Hmini
hinterher Bike Trailer, made in Munich
Bike Trailer hinterher looks good

Where you can buy the hinterher bicycle trailer


The hinterher is available in our online shop or at selected retail stores.

However, feel free to stop by directly (by appointment) in our Munich factory shop and pick up your trailer personally.


info@munich-biketrailers.com or +49 89 2010874 / Auenstrasse 58 / 80469 München / Germany