Bicycle trailer hinterher: Hand cart, trolley and bike trailer




The Hmax bicycle trailer version with the Weber tow bar


Hmax Bike trailer

By plugging the tow bar, the bicycle trailer changes into a hand cart in just 10 seconds

Hmax as handcart

If you pull out the stainless steel handle and unflip the aluminium shovel, the bicycle trailer will change into a hand cart or a stable shopping trolley

Hinterher bicycle trailer bike trailer as trolley
Hinterher bicycle trailer with two beer crates
Hinterher bicycle trailer with wooden crate for wine

And back to the start — with a few clicks, the hinterher bike trailer is stored, saving space, whether in the hallway, basement, railway compartment or the car's boot. In just a few quick steps, the whole bicycle trailer folds down into a compact format

Bike trailer Hmax folded